CDC Guidelines for Domestic Travel During the Pandemic

While we here at MTA are all about fun travel, we are also all about safe and responsible travel. We have some tips for keeping yourself and fellow travelers safer during your domestic travel. Check the CDC website for state and local requirements while planning your trip to avoid delays.

Tips for Planning

Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms and feel fine, travel can increase your chance of spreading the virus. Conider whether you or someone you are visiting is at a higher risk for covid-19.

Check if hospitals in your home state or destination overwhelmed with covid-19 patients. If they are overwhelmed, you may find it difficult to get medical help for anything not considered an emergency.

Get your flu and covid (if possible) vaccinations before you go.

Get a covid test 1 to 3 days before departure and keep the test results with you.

Check state and local requirements/restrictions of your own state and the destination state before you travel.

Check your own state and the destination state for number of recent cases. The higher the number, the more risk you are taking.

Get retested 3 to 5 days after you return home from your trip.

State and Local Guidelines

Most states and local governments now have travel restrictions in place that include:

  • Testing Requirements
  • Stay-at-home orders
  • Quarantine requirements upon arrival
Sandy is checking the CDC Travel Planner
Sandy is checking the CDC Travel Planner

For example: Sandy is planning a trip to Hawaii and checked out Hawaii on the CDC Travel Planner. She will need to quarantine for the first 10 days of her vacation. If she tests negative on a pretravel test (approved by the state of Hawaii) no more than 72 hours before the final leg of her journey, she can bypass the quarantine. She also must register for the Safe Travels online program prior to departure and complete the mandatory State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form.
There is a statewide mask mandate so she will be required to wear a mask while in public.

Tips for Flying

Remove personal items from your pockets such as belts, wallets, keys or phones before you enter the checkpoint line and place them in your carry-on bag.

Use sanitizer or wash your hands directly before and after completing the security screening process.

Assume any surface you touch could be infected and use sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer before touching tables, tvs, etc.

Check Airline and other transportation company websites for how they are protecting customers from covid-19.

For example: Sandy will be flying to Hawaii with United. She knows that she will have to complete a “Ready-to-fly” checklist at check-in and has already downloaded the United app for contactless travel assistance.

We know you want to get out and go somewhere, we do too! If we all follow the CDC guidelines, we can travel safely and have some fun too.